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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical Novo 7.25 oz. Sea Breeze Scent Metered Air Freshener Refill
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Easily keep your restrooms smelling fresh and clean all day, every day with this Noble Chemical Novo 7.25 oz. sea breeze metered air freshener refill! Compatible with many actuating aero...

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Noble Chemical Silva-Liquid 1 Gallon / 128 oz. Tableware Presoak - 4/Case

Item #: 147SILVALIQ 1G

Product Description

Give a sparkling clean tabletop presentation for your guests and customers with this Noble Chemical Silva liquid tableware presoak! This liquid presoak effectively loosens, softens, and removes food soil films from silverware, stainless steel, flatware, glass, and any other tableware material. By using this tableware presoak, unsightly and unsavory food stains on "clean" dishes becomes a thing of the past! This presoak is also effective for cleaning up tarnished silver.

Dilute 1 oz. per gallon of water for normal conditions. Use 2 oz. per gallon for heavily soiled or tarnished items.

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