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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical Griddle Kleen 32 oz. Liquid Grill / Griddle Cleaner - 4/Case
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Keep your grill clean and free of grease and other buildup with this Noble Chemical Griddle Kleen 32 oz. liquid grill / griddle cleaner! It features a fast-acting glycerin-based formula ...

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Noble Chemical 1 Gallon / 128 oz. Clog B-Gone Drain Opener Maintainer - 4/Case

Item #: 147CLOGBGONE1G

Product Description

Noble Chemicals' Clog B-Gone drain opener is perfect for unclogging and maintaining drains. Its quick acting formula is designed dissolve tough grease, hair, and mineral build-ups. Regular use keeps drains free-flowing and smelling fresh. Also, its unique formula will not harm or erode plumbing fixtures, porcelain, or metal pipes.

For Clogged Drains: Pour 1/2 bottle into the drain and let it work for 30 minutes. If necessary, repeat and wait 1 hour. For severe problems, let sit overnight and flush with warm water the next day.

For Sluggish Drains: Use 1/4 bottle and add an additional 1/4 bottle 15 minutes later. Wait 15 minutes after final application and flush with warm water. Repeat if necessary.

For Maintenance: Use 1/4 bottle every other week. Wait 15 minutes then flush with warm water. If a drain or grease trap has been treated with chemicals containing acid, Clog B-Gone should not be used.

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