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Noble Chemical QuikPacks 3.5 Gram Extra Strength Cleaner Packets - 24/Bag
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Keep a wide variety of surfaces clean and fresh with these Noble Chemical QuikPacks 3.5 gram extra strength cleaner water soluble packets! This concentrated cleaner comes in individual p...

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Noble Chemical Tech Line 18 oz. No-Rinse Foaming Evaporator / Condenser Aerosol Coil Cleaner

Item #: 148TLECCCLNR

Product Description

This Noble Chemical Tech Line no-rinse foaming evaporator / condenser coil cleaner is the perfect solution when you need to thoroughly clean coils in air conditioners, central cooling systems, refrigeration units, window units, and auto air conditioners! This product boasts a high-foaming formula with deodorizing properties to quickly lift and remove dirt and matted materials from the coil surface. Properly cleaned coils help extend the life of your cooling unit, reduce energy costs, and operate more efficiently. The 18 oz. aerosol can makes it convenient to apply on affected areas, and it's sprayable from any angle.

Application should be performed by an HVAC/R professional following the directions listed on the product label. After the equipment is turned off and any heavy or matted soils have been removed, point the tip toward the surface to be cleaned, covering the surface evenly with foam. The product will remove grease and grime from the coil as the foam breaks, leaving coils clean and debris-free. If using on a coil that produces condensation, rinsing is not required. Repeat applications may be necessary for heavily matted soil and grime.

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