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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical QuikPacks 1.5 oz. Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser Packs 36 Count Tub - 2/Case
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Keep a wide variety of surfaces clean and fresh with these Noble Chemical QuikPacks 1.5 oz. heavy duty cleaner and degreaser water soluble packets! This cleaner comes in convenient, high...

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8 lb. / 128 oz. Noble Chemical Oxy Dip Bleach Presoak and Destainer - 4/Case

Item #: 147OXYDIP 8#

Product Description

Quickly and easily remove stains from plastic, china, porcelain, and more with the Noble Chemical Oxy Dip presoak and destainer! This two-in-one agent utilizes the deep-cleaning power of oxygen to remove stains from a wide variety of materials in your business.

Oxy Dip's specialized formula makes it an ideal solution for any stained surface without hurting the surface itself as it bleaches, sanitizes, and cleans all at the same time. It's safe for use on colors, and it can even be used in laundry, carpeting, upholstered furniture, coffee pots, cutting boards, and more! The odorless and tasteless formula ensures Oxy Dip won't affect your customers' enjoyable experience at your business, and because it comes in such large quantities, you can tackle lots of stains with just one order.

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