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Sierra by 2.5 gallon / 320 oz. Concentrated Carpet Rinse & Chemical Neutralizer - 2/Case

Noble Chemical's Sierra concentrated rinse and chemical neutralizer is specially formulated with Soil Guard 2000, used to rinse the carpet after extraction cleaning, shampooing, or bonnet buffing. It's excellent for coffee, tea, and light rust stains, and is safe on all carpet fibers including wool. By using Rinse & Chemical Neutralizer through the extraction machine, it prevents the jets from clogging which could cause streaking during extraction.

Carpets that have been thoroughly rinsed and neutralized after cleaning feel softer and cleaner. This carpet rinse and neutralizer uses surfactants which are safer for the environment compared to other commercial carpet rinses. This product contains citric acid which removes leftover mineral deposits and soap scum from carpet cleaners. When used after cleaning, this carpet rinse's slightly acidic pH prevents carpets from oxidizing (turning brown), neutralizes harsh alkali residues, and removes detergent residues.

There are three ways this product can be used:

1. Most carpet manufacturers cleaning recommendations state that the carpet should be sprayed using a prespray, or an extraction product on the carpet, allowing the chemical to dwell for 3-5 minutes to emulsify the greasy soil and dirt. Then follow up by diluting Rinse & Chemical Neutralizer in the extraction machine 2-3 oz. per gallon of water. Proceed to rinse.

2. Dilute Rinse & Chemical Neutralizer in a sprayer at a 2-3 oz. per gallon ratio and lightly mist over the previously cleaned carpet, allowing to dry simultaneously.

3. To remove chemical build-up on extremely soiled carpets, dilute Rinse & Chemical Neutralizer in an extraction machine, 2-3 oz. per gallon of water, and rinse the carpet before extraction, shampooing or bonnet buffing. Always test an inconspicuous area to determine colorfastness.

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Reduce Streaking

Treat your carpets to a cleaning treatment without causing discoloring or streaking. By using this carpet rinse and odor neutralizer through an extraction machine, it prevents the jets from clogging which could cause streaking during extraction.

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Assists with Prespray Treatment

After spraying your carpet with a prespray, allow the procuct to sit for 5 - 10 minutes, this loosens the soil. Follow up by extracting with carpet rinse and neutralizer diluting this product in water at a 1:128 ratio.

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Neutralizes Alkali Residue on a Cleaned Carpet

Simply dilute the rinse and odor neutralizer at a 1:62 ratio with water in a sprayer. Lightly mist over the previously cleaned carpet and allow to dry.

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Removes Browning

Use this product to remove browning on extremely soiled carpets. Dilute the product in an extraction machine with water at a 1:32 ratio. Once diluted, spray on soiled area lightly.

How to Clean Carpets with Noble Chemicals

Keeping your carpets clean is easy with the help of Noble Chemical's line of products, which are affordable and highly effective. Watch this video to learn more!

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Andrea C.

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Sir Clean recommended 2.5 Gallon Sierra by Noble Chemical Carpet Rinse & Odor Neutralizer, because take out heavy stains of coffee, tea etc., also neutralize the odor in carpets.

Michael L.

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Buy the large case it will save you a lot of money and is worth it. The carpet rinse and odor neutralizer is great. It even gets out smoke.

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