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Item# 495NOWF1LTHV

I-E-LTH Dual Benefit Low Temperature Door Type Dishwasher - 208/230V, 1 Phase

Quickly, easily, and efficiently clean full racks of used dishes with the Noble Warewashing I-E-LTH dual benefit low temperature door type dishwasher! Keeping your dishes and glasses clean is essential to the life of your business, and thanks to this durable unit, you can successfully clean up to 39 racks per hour using only 1.09 gallons of water per rack. This door type machine includes a booster heater to ensure the unit maintains a constant water temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy to cut through heavy grease. Since the heater is already built-in, you won't have to worry about any extra electrical requirements. For easy operation, this dish machine has top-mounted controls to adjust settings to the ideal points for your business, and an electromechnical multi-cycle timer for audible alerts. The auto-start feature begins cleaning cycles on its own to speed up wash times, while the simple design accepts one dish rack at a time.

Using less cleaning chemical than competitors' machines, this unit helps reduce operating costs and includes a self-draining stainless steel pump to eliminate soil and detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles. A built-in delimer function is controlled by a simple switch so you can clear out any hard water deposits with ease, while its dump and fill operation eliminates dirty water and refills fresh water between every cycle. Plus, a removable scrap screen, built-in waste accumulator, and internal sump help keep the machine operating at top performance.

This machine features a rugged stainless steel construction with adjustable stainless steel bullet feet to ensure leveling on uneven surfaces. The unit also comes equipped with stainless steel wash arms that are interchangeable for easy cleaning, and a wash thermometer to accurately monitor internal temperatures during use. To accommodate your dishroom layout, it's field convertible between straight and corner configurations. Plus, it comes standard with built-in chemical pumps and priming switches. This unit requires a 208/230V, 1 phase electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 30 3/8"
Depth: 29 1/2"
Height: 68 1/2"


Energy Efficient

Since this unit can clean an impressive 39 racks per hour using only 1.01 gallons of water per rack, it is both economical to operate and friendly to the environment.

Built-In Booster Heater

This machine includes a built-in booster heater to heat incoming water to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Most buildings have a 110 to 120 degree Fahrenheit water supply, so the booster heater will heat the incoming water for a better wash experience that can cut through heavy soils, grease, and lipstick. The higher water temperature also allows dishes to dry much faster.

Specially Designed Nozzles

Specially designed, raised stainless steel nozzles prevent clogging while providing superior cleaning action.

Dump and Fill Feature

The dump and fill operation eliminates dirty water and refills fresh water between every cycle.

Simple Lever Operation

The door is controlled by dual levers on either side of the dishwasher, making it easy to open and close for convenient access.

Durable Construction

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction resists corrosion and adds extended durability. It also provides a professional look for your kitchen.

Top Mounted Controls

The top-mounted controls are centrally located, making them easy to access for quick operation in your busy kitchen.

Delimer Function

A built-in delimer function is controlled by a simple switch so you can clear out any hard water deposits with ease.

Scrap Screen

A built-in scrap screen collects excess waste to prevent the drain from clogging, and it's easily removable for quick disposal.

Built-In Chemical Pumps

Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches come standard so you're ready to start using the machine right away.

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