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Item# 495NOWF2X

II Double Rack Low Temperature Dishwasher - 115V

The Noble Warewashing II door-type low temperature dishwasher is operation-ready with all the features you need to properly wash your dishes. With one fully automatic timed cycle lasting 90 seconds, this unit can clean up to 74 standard dish racks per hour using just 1.17 gallons of water per rack. It can accommodate two racks side by side.

Boasting a 17 1/4'' vertical inside clearance, this dishwasher is perfect for nearly any setting. A highly efficient, 1 hp wash pump provides plenty of power, while 3 built-in dispensing pumps for detergent, rinse agent, and sanitizer ensure proper chemical usage. A dump and fill feature disposes of dirty water for a fresh water rinse with each cycle. Dual-point drain connections allow for a variety of versatile installations.

Other helpful features include a self-draining stainless steel pump, convenient top-mounted controls for easy operation, removable scrap accumulator, and low product indicator light. Specially designed, raised stainless steel nozzles also prevent clogging while providing superior cleaning action. For added safety, a built-in product alarm system and door safety switch ensure safe use. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction adds extended durability.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 50 1/2"
Front to Back: 25"
Height: 68 1/2"


Highly Efficient and Productive

This unit can clean an impressive 74 racks per hour on the normal setting, with each cycle only lasting just 90 seconds. It's also highly efficient, using just 1.17 gallons of water per rack. This makes the Noble Warewashing II double rack dishwasher both economical to operate and friendly to the environment while remaining a powerhouse in the kitchen.

Delimer Function

The included delimer switch makes quick work of removing hard water deposits so your dishes will be left sparkling clean every time.

Scrap Accumulator

A built-in scrap accumulator collects excess waste to prevent the drain from clogging, and it's easily removable for quick disposal.

Easy-Access Front Panel

A key is included to open up the front control panel, offering easy access for maintenance.

Automatic Wash Cycle

With the flip of a switch this unit will begin its automatic 90 second washing cycle.

Stainless Steel

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction resists corrosion and adds extended durability. It also provides a professional look for your kitchen.

Simple Lever Operation

The door is controlled by dual levers on either side of the dishwasher, making it easy to open and close for convenient access.

Top-Mounted Controls

The top-mounted controls are centrally located, making them easy to access for quick operation in your busy kitchen.

Dump and Fill Feature

The dump and fill operation eliminates dirty water and refills fresh water between every cycle.

Built-In Chemical Pumps

Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches come standard so you're ready to start using the machine right away.

Specially Designed Nozzles

Specially designed, raised stainless steel nozzles prevent clogging while providing superior cleaning action.

Adjustable Bullet Feet

The adjustable bullet feet allow you to quickly level the unit on uneven floors, making it stable and safe for operation.

Noble Warewashing 495NOWF2X Dishwasher

Efficiently clean up to 74 racks per hour using only 1.17 gallons per rack with Noble Warewashing double rack low temperature dishwashers.

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