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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical Griddle Kleen 32 oz. Liquid Grill / Griddle Cleaner - 4/Case
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Keep your grill clean and free of grease and other buildup with this Noble Chemical Griddle Kleen 32 oz. liquid grill / griddle cleaner! It features a fast-acting glycerin-based formula ...

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Noble Chemical 1 Pint / 16 oz. QuikSan Ice Machine Sanitizer - 12/Case

Item #: 147QKSANICE

Product Description

Easily attack and eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria with this Noble Chemical QuikSan ice machine sanitizer. Its powerful Quaternary solution is perfect for sanitizing all hard, nonporous food contact surfaces in ice machines quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can save time by not having to rinse or wipe away this highly-effective cleaner. Its convenient, pint-sized bottle makes it a breeze to carry from room to room, surface to surface.

For ice machines, turn off equipment and wash equipment with Noble Chemical's Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner. Rinse with potable water prior to sanitizing. To use this Noble Chemical QuikSan ice machine sanitizer, simply follow the proper usage and dilution instructions on the label. Apply a solution of 1 oz. per 1 1/2 gallons of water (200 ppm quat) (or equivalent dilution) by mechanical spray, directly pouring and or by recirculating through the system. Allow surfaces to remain wet or solution to remain in equipment for at least 60 seconds. Drain equipment thoroughly and allow to air dry before reuse.

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