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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical QuikPacks 3.5 Gram Extra Strength Cleaner Packets - 24/Bag
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Keep a wide variety of surfaces clean and fresh with these Noble Chemical QuikPacks 3.5 gram extra strength cleaner water soluble packets! This concentrated cleaner comes in individual p...

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Noble Chemical 15 oz. Kleen Screen Aerosol Electronic Screen Cleaner

Item #: 148KLEENSCRN

Product Description

This Noble Chemical 15 oz. Kleen Screen aerosol electronic screen cleaner is the perfect addition to your office, retail, or restaurant cleaning supplies. This non-static, non-abrasive formula works to clean, polish, and protect electronic screens and touch screen POS systems. Whether you're cleaning CRT and LCD screens on your computer, television, or touch screen, this aerosol cleaner removes and repels dust, fingerprints, oil, soils, and other marks. It also works well on glass, plastic, metal, chrome, porcelain, and painted surfaces.

The enriched white foam ensures a streak-free clean. Maintaining a clean screen helps reduce eye strain and provides for more accurate reading. An essential in your office, classroom, or business, this Kleen Screen cleaner is easy to use and efficient!

Shake well before using. Remove the protective cap and point spray opening in desired direction. Hold upright 6-12 inches from surface to be cleaned. Spray sparingly, then wipe clean. Polish immediately with a separate dry cloth or soft paper towel.

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