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Item# 495NO44LLRR

44 Conveyor Low Temperature Dishwasher - Left to Right, 230V, 3 Phase

Perfect for any high volume commercial operation, this Noble Warewashing 44 low temperature conveyor dish machine works to clean hundreds of dishes more efficiently than ever. Using just 0.78 gallons of water per rack, the unit can clean up to 209 racks per hour. A 25'' standard clearance is designed to accommodate larger wares, such as sheet pans, mixing bowls, and more.

Integrated EnergyGuard electromechanical controls make for a user-friendly experience, while the Adjust-A-Peak adjustable conveyor speeds allows the machine to extend wash time and rinse contact for heavy soil conditions. The machine is fully automatic, and includes auto-fill. A self-draining wash pump allows for worry-free operation, in addition to a front dress panel and built-in splash shields which serve to protect from potential hot water burns.

The entire unit boasts stainless steel construction for extended durability. Adjustable bullet feet and legs keep the unit directly off the ground, and an exhaust vent fan control keeps external temperatures at an appropriate level. Inside, a 18kW wash tank heater will maintain proper water temperature. It requires a 230V, 3 phase electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 60''
Front to Back: 25''
Height (door closed): 75 1/2''
Height (door open): 84''


Energy Efficient

Since each rack requires only 0.78 gallons of water, this machine helps to efficiently reduce your water bill. Plus, with exclusive EnergyGuard controls, this unit only operates when a rack is being washed or rinsed, which further saves on water and energy!

Adjustable Conveyor Speed

For heavy soil conditions, the Adjust-A-Peak adjustable conveyor speed allows the machine to extend wash time and rinse contact to ensure thorough rinsing.

25" Clearance

Featuring 25" of clearance, this dish machine accommodates large sheet pans, mixing bowls, and other food preparation and serving supplies.

Self-Draining Wash Pump

A self-draining stainless steel wash pump delivers maximum performance, eliminating wash water with ease.

Durable Construction

The unit features a sleek, durable stainless steel construction with built-in splash shields and a front dress panel to protect from potential hot water burns. It also features an efficient 18kW wash tank heater to maintain the proper water temperature, and an exhaust vent fan control to keep the surrounding area cool and comfortable.

Automatic Operation

This machine is fully automatic and includes auto-fill.

Adjustable Legs

Adjustable bullet feet and legs keep the unit directly off the ground.

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Mark B.

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We took a chance and purchased the Noble Warewashing 44 dishwasher. Pros: - Low temperature washing, which is very important for many of the wares we use. This aids in longevity. - Efficient cleaning. The unit completes one cycle (moves from left to right) in less than a minute. - Made in the USA - NSF Listed, which is important since we have had conveyor machines before that were not NSF Listed, and they were a nightmare to clean. - Powerful (but see below) Cons: - While it is powerful, the unit requires a 220 volt power source, which basically means you're hard wiring the unit into a select few places, unless you plan on having new wire installed. - It is LOUD! Not like hair dryer loud, but it is audible enough that you can hear it across a kitchen. This is okay in a commercial environment because the kitchen is loud anyway, but if for some reason one is purchasing this for a more intimate setting, consider the noise aspect seriously. Overall, is it worth the price? I believe it is. We did a lot of research prior to purchasing and I have no regrets. It does everything we need it to do. Based on the cost, efficiency, durability, and most important functionality (cleaning @ low temps), the Noble Warewashing 44 easily deserves all 5 stars!

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