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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical 4 lb. / 64 oz. Last Call Powdered Bar Glass Cleaner - 2/Case
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Quickly and easily remove lipstick stains, grease, odors, and other soils from your bar glassware with this Noble Chemical 4 lb. Last Call powdered bar glass cleaner! This bar glass clea...

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Noble Chemical 1 Gallon / 128 oz. Bacti-Free Third Sink Sanitizer - 4/Case

Item #: 147BAC 1G

Product Description

This Noble Chemical bacteria-free, third sink sanitizer is the perfect sanitizer for any three-compartment sink. It is intended to disinfect and deodorize utensils, cutting boards, trays, or any other surface that frequently comes into contact with food. It is effective against bacteria that may cause salmonella and staph infections. Any items small enough to fit in your sink can simply be left to soak in the sanitizer-filled third compartment. For any object that is too large, the sanitizer can be applied by a cloth, mop, or mechanical sprayer.

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