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Noble Chemical
Noble Chemical QuikPacks Griddle Kleen 3 oz. Liquid Grill / Griddle Cleaner Packet - 40/Case
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Keep your grill clean and free of grease and other buildup with this Noble Chemical QuikPacks Griddle Kleen 3 oz. liquid grill / griddle cleaner packet! It features a fast-acting glyceri...

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Noble Chemical Power Metal Safe Detergent 50 lb. / 800 oz.

Item #: 147POWERSAFE50#

Product Description

Remove tough grease and food stains with this Noble Chemical Power Metal Safe detergent. The specially designed, concentrated powdered detergent is safe to use on aluminum, pewter, and all other soft metals. With no risk of damaging the finish, this detergent will leave your pots, pans, and trays shining like new! Long-lasting and powerful, this detergent works in all water conditions and with all soil loads. Simply use titration to determine proper dilution and you're ready to clean.

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